To get the very best wetsuit for your requirements, you first need to be looking at the category of suit for the time of year and water temperatures and matching this to the type of water sport for which you’ll be wearing it. Even if you choose a top of the range suit, if it is not appropriate for the conditions you will be using it in and the purpose you want it for, you will have wasted your money!

So read on, our best wetsuit guide will provide tips and advice to ensure you choose the right suit for you.

Wetsuit Thickness

All wetsuits use Neoprene. This is a material made from foam rubber. However, since the early days of all Neoprene suits, technology has moved on and now this material is often laminated with other materials to provide a smooth inner lining making suits easy to put on and take off and an outer, tear resistant membrane. Other materials laminated into the fabric, such as Lycra help to increase flexibility by adding even more stretch. As a general rule, the colder the water, the thicker the suit you will need. Suites vary in thickness from 2mm used in summer ‘shorty’ suits right up to 6mm for winter suits. Our handy reference table below is designed to provide you with the best wetsuit guide depending on water temperatures. Wetsuits are often a combination of two or three different neoprene thicknesses, for example, a 5/4/3 refers to a garment with 5mm neoprene in the core body areas, 4mm for the limbs and 3mm in areas that require more flexibility.

Water Temperature Recommended Wetsuit and Accessories
18-21 C or 65-69 F2mm shorty
17-18 C or 62-64 F2mm short sleeve full suit or a long sleeved spring suit
14-17 C or 58-61 F 3/2mm full suit (suggested 2mm surf socks)
12-14 C or 54-57 F 3/2mm or a 4/3mm full suit (suggested footwear 3mm boot)
10-12 C or 50-53 F 4/3mm full suit (suggested 3mm boots plus 3mm gloves and 2mm hood)
8-9 C or 47-49 F and below 5/4/3mm or 6/5/4 full suit with either 5 or 7mm gloves and boots plus hood.

Wetsuit Sizing

When choosing a wetsuit, one brand may fit you better than another. Your suit really needs to fit like a second skin. If you have never tried on a wetsuit before, this can feel very strange and even a little uncomfortable but it is vital as when you jump into the water your body will contract and there is nothing worse than a suit that is then too big and feels baggy! Wetsuit sizing is determined in the same way as street clothing when it comes to the width of the garment. The height is taken into account with suits available to fit comfortably whether you are short or tall.

What To Look For

  • Choose a suit with glued and blind stitching to prevent leaks. Look for a suit that is fully taped – especially when choosing a winter suit. Flat stitched, unsealed seams are common in garments designed for warmer waters.
  • For winter wear, the more expensive suits have plush thermal linings, sometimes called firewalls or heat-shields. In the past, thermal lining material was so stiff that to enable freedom of movement in a winter suit, manufacturers only put this type of lining in the chest and back area.

Newer thermal materials are much more flexible and stretchy so the ultra-thin thermal lining can be used throughout the suit without restricting the wearer’s movements. For extra warmth, some suits include titanium. This can be woven into the fabric where the metal reflects body heat back to the wearer and/or applied as titanium oxide as an inner coating.

  • Look for a suit with a top quality zipper. Most modern wetsuits have rear entry zippers so an extended zipper pull is pretty much an essential if you are going to be getting into and out of your suit without a buddy to help you.
  • A nice refinement, especially on suits designed for winter wear, is the barrier, called a floodgate or gasket found inside the zipper section. This stops the flush of water coming through. Gaskets are also available on the wrists, ankles, and neckline of some suits.
  • Another refinement that stops water flowing in is the provision of touch-fastening seals at the neckline.
  • Some wetsuits have an integrated hood. This is mostly for cold water surfing and diving though.
  • Integrated knee-pads are a good idea as they add durability to the area which probably gets the toughest wear.

Extra stretch in the knee, elbow and shoulder areas of some suits is provided by what are called ‘flex zones’. These areas provide four-way stretch to allow the greatest possible ease of movement and if you are going to be in the water a long time, these reduce fatigue considerably.

Mens Wetsuits

WetsuitBrief DescriptionRatingSee It Here
Reactor Series wetsuits utilize proprietary FluidFlex design in the shoulder and sleeves for improved range of motion 4.5 O'Neill Wetsuits Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit, Black
Neoprene, Durable, Multi-Sport Wetsuit.
Warmth and comfort in a glove like fit.
4.5Lemorecn Mens Wetsuits Jumpsuit Neoprene 3/2mm Full Body Diving Suit
Versatile, all-around warm water wetsuit is one of NeoSport's bestselling models. 4.5NeoSport Wetsuits Men's Premium Neoprene 3mm Shorty, Blue Trim, Medium - Diving, Snorkeling & Wakeboarding
Full-size wetsuit with 3 mm chest panels and 2 mm side panels4.5U.S.Divers Adult Full Wetsuit
Super-light nylon/spandex. Mesh back panel. Chafe free support. 3 pockets. 4.5SLS3 Mens CMX Triathlon Tri Race Suit - 3 Pocket Skinsuit Trisuit - great from Sprint to Ironman
Sleeves and shoulders Fluidflex exclusive. Neck super seal. Krypto knee pads, many colors. 4.5O'Neill Wetsuits Mens 2mm Reactor Spring Suit
100% Super Stretch
FluidFlex Firewall chest, double seal neck closure
4.5O'Neill Wetsuits Mens 4/3 mm Epic Full Suit
Free R.O.M. (range of motion) zones eliminate restriction in the shoulders & back 4.5TYR SPORT Men's Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1
Shorty short-sleeve wetsuit with flatlock stitching. 4U.S. Divers Adult 2015 Shorty Wetsuit

We Recommend:-

For Men

1. O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor 3/2mm Full Suit

If you are looking for a full suit, this O’Neill 3/2 mm design offers excellent value for money and some great features and a manufacturer’s one year guarantee. The clever design of the neck and under-sleeve areas and the “FluidFlex” shoulder and sleeves design means that motion is unrestricted and chafing rashes are eliminated. It also has ergonomically designed knee-pads for comfort and durability.

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2. NeoSport Wetsuits Men’s Premium Neoprene 3mm Shorty
Available in black or blue with lighter trim, this 3mm shorty suit is a best seller for NeoSport. It is ideal for use in warmer waters, providing warmth for the torso without the risk of getting too hot. It has a good quality YKK back zipper, robust flatlock seams, an adjustable collar and Lycra trimmed edges to avoid the risk of chafing. It also comes with a manufacturer’s one year warranty.

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3. U.S. Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit

This full 3/2mm wetsuit incorporates many features found on more expensive suits. It has titanium in the 3mm chest panels for extra warmth, unrestricted mobility thanks to the super stretch panels under the arms and flat locked seams to avoid chafing. It also has Neoskin seals to keep out water on the wrists ankles and neck. Considering the wide range of sizes (from small to XX-large) and the two-year warranty, this suit offers exceptional value for money!

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Womens Wetsuits

WetsuitBrief DescriptionRatingSee It Here
Warm sea diving and snorkeling. 4Cressi Bahia Woman 2.5mm
Women's 3-millimeter, anatomically cut, shorty wetsuit constructed of premium neoprene 3.5NeoSport Wetsuits Women's Premium Neoprene 3mm Shorty, Black, 6 - Diving, Snorkeling & Wakeboarding
Flatloc Stitched Construction Spring Suit 4.5O'Neill Wetsuits Womens 2 mm Reactor Short Sleeve Spring Suit
High stretch neoprene cunstruction
2 year warranty
4.5Cressi Lido Woman 2mm, 4/L
100 percent Neoprene
Easy entry with Back Zip
4.5Hyperflex Wetsuits Women's Access 3/2mm Full Suit
All in one wetsuit for temperate waters 4.5Cressi Summer 2.5mm Womens Back Zip Full Wetsuit
100% UltraFlex Neoprene, Lumbar Seamless Design 4O'Neill Wetsuits Womens 3/2 mm Epic Full Suit
Thermal Smoothie Neoprene: Flexible and wind & water repellent to keep you warmer 5Roxy Womens Roxy Syncro 4/3Mm - Back Zip Full Wetsuit Black or Paradise Pink
Highly Recommended Multi-Sport suit.
Plus sizes available.
4.5Henderson Thermoprene 3mm womens front zip wetsuit (with Plus, Tall, & Petite) Black/sky blue
Chill breaker mesh skin on the chest and back - provides added warmth on those chilly mornings 4Hyperflex Wetsuits Women's Cyclone2 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit - Surfing, Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

We Recommend:-

For Women

1. O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Reactor 3/2mm Full Suit

The Reactor range from O’Neill provides a great quality suit at a budget price. The suit is comfortable to wear with the super stretch construction in the shoulder and underarm areas providing greater flexibility. The seams are flat-stitched and unsealed and the spray-resistant chest panel makes this a good choice for water skiing and surfing. Some reviewers suggest ordering one size bigger than your dress size.

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2. NeoSport Wetsuits Women’s Premium Neoprene 3mm Shorty

Available in two colors, black, or black with lilac trim, this shorty 3mm wetsuit is designed to fit and flatter – although many reviewers recommend buying a size larger for optimum fit. It is comfortable to wear and easy to put on with a heavy quality back fastening zip. It has an adjust-to-fit Velcro collar and Lycra trim around the seals at leg and wrist to keep the water out. It’s 3mm thick neoprene construction keeps the torso warm but allows optimum mobility and in addition to the flatlock seams have additional spot taping to ensure durability.

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3. O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Reactor 2mm Short Sleeve Spring

This great value, lighter weight (2mm) shorty is branded as a spring suit and is certainly getting great reviews from ladies who have bought it for snorkeling. In three colors and cut to fit the female figure, the flat stitched seams, smooth skin panel over the chest and well-designed neck seal make it comfortable to wear and the O’Neill Fluid Flex construction around the shoulder and underarm area enable unrestricted movement. Sturdy YKK back zip too.

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Youth Wetsuits

WetsuitBrief DescriptionRatingSee It Here
95% nylon, 5% spandex, Single Superseal Neck.4O'Neill Wetsuits Youth 3/2 mm Reactor Full Suit

Super Seal Neck. Flatlock stitching to reduce chafing and increase comfort.4.5O'Neill Wetsuits Youth 2 mm Reactor Spring Suit

Kids wetsuit designed for all water sports like diving, scuba, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, or hanging at the beach.4NeoSport Wetsuits - Kid's Wetsuit Premium Neoprene 2mm, Children/Youth Swim Suit
Uses a premium neoprene material to give a soft and comfortable fit.4.5NeoSport Wetsuits Junior Premium Neoprene 2.5mm Junior Shorty - Diving, Snorkeling & Wakeboarding
Includes an internal key pocket, heavy duty #10 YKK back zipper, and adjustable Velcro collar.4.5Hyperflex Wetsuits Junior's Access 2.5mm Spring Suit - Surfing, Windsurfing & Wakeboarding

Keeps Core Body Temperature Stable. Double Layer Neoprene is UV-Resistant4.5Ivation Kids Wetsuit - 3mm Thickness Premium Neoprene Short Youth Swim Wet Suit – Back Zipper Assist & Full UV Sun Protection

Helps to shield children from UV rays, sea lice, jelly stings, and other irritants.4NeoSport Wetsuits Youth Premium Neoprene 2mm Youth's Shorty, Lavender Trim - Diving, Snorkeling & Wakeboarding

Specifically designed for slender children who have a hard time staying warm in a swimming pool, this wetsuit combines core warmth with complete freedom of movement.4.5O'Neill Reactor Hybrid kids shorty wetsuit Youth Navy/pacific blue

Body constructed of 1.5mm neoprene.
Sleeves and side panels are Lycra to provide room for growth.
4.5Bare 1mm Kids Sprint Shorty Dive Wetsuit

100% nylon.
3 mm Fluid Flex Foam.
Strategic paddle zones.
4.5O'Neill Wetsuits Toddler 2 mm Spring Wetsuit

Choosing Your First or Your Next Wetsuit

Now that you have read our best wetsuit guide and checked out our recommendations, we hope that you feel in a much better position to make an informed decision about the type of suit you need. Being sure of the features that are important to you from the get-go is the best way to avoid an expensive mistake.