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Choosing The Perfect Surfboard Bag

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If you have gone to the trouble of spending endless hours researching the perfect surfboard, you really need to invest in the right surfboard bag to protect it from dings, nicks, cracks, scratches and sun fading while it is out of the water!

The three main types of board bags are surfboard socks, surfboard day bags, and surfboard travel bags. Which type of bag you need will depend on a few factors – you may need more than one type.

Ask yourself the following questions before you begin your search:

  • Are you looking for a bag to store your board safely at home?
  • Do you generally surf near to your home, a short walk away?
  • Do you need to transport your board by road and if so, can you take your board in the vehicle or does it have to go on the roof?
  • Do you ever need to travel with your board by air?

The best surfboard bags are always the right ones for the purpose you intend using them for and your answers will determine the type – or types you need.

Surfboard Bag Basics Buying Guide

1. Basic Protection

Basic protection for your board – and the most inexpensive option is the surfboard sock. These light, portable, easy-to-carry, and store board bags are the perfect solution for storing your board at home, walking it to the beach, or transporting it inside your vehicle.

It is important to note that these provide little protection against a knock, or worse, dropping your board and do not insulate it either – so, in a hot car, the wax could melt and make a mess!

Board socks, with thin fabric and limited protection, come in some cool designs and many sizes to suit almost any size of the board.

2. Greater Protection

If you need to transport your board on the roof rack or roof bars of your vehicle, a surfboard sock just does not give enough protection. Choose a surfboard day bag for the following reasons:

They have one side (or sometimes both sides) with a heat reflective surface to keep your board cool and prevent the wax from running. This also gives some protection against de-lamination from baking in the sun.

They usually have at least 5mm of padding to protect your board from minor nicks and knocks and are designed to fit a specific size – so it is important to get your measurements right when choosing.

Look for a bag with a quality YKK zipper, an interior and exterior pocket, a shoulder strap for carrying and a loop for hanging while in storage.

Best Protection

Surfboard travel bags are definitely the best choice when it comes to air travel. Protect your boards from rough treatment from baggage handlers, with the extra padding a travel bag will provide – at least 10mm, twice as much as a day bag! Some of the top bags have extra padding protection for the nose and tail – and this can be as much as 26mm!

Travel board bags that store two boards and wheeled travel bags designed to carry three or four boards, offering the greatest convenience when traveling are also available. If buying a bag to transport more than one board, make sure it is fitted with padded dividers.

And Finally …

It is important to be sure your board will fit into the bag you choose. Surfboard bags are marked with the length but you need to check the width as well. In addition, check that the nose shape matches your board(s) as they come in ‘pointed’, ‘semi-round’, or full round.

Our surfboard bag buying basics guide above should help you to decide which is right for your needs. Each type of board bag has pros and cons and it really does depend on your own circumstances, budget and the number or variety of boards that you need to protect and transport.