5/3mm NeoSport Triathlon Men’s Sleeveless John Wetsuit

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What buyers are looking for in the perfect Triathlon wetsuit is different from what surfers or scuba divers are looking for. In this NeoSport Triathlon Men’s Sleeveless Wetsuit review we demonstrate that this suit checks pretty much all the boxes for Triathletes looking for a top-quality garment at a great price.

One of the main things a Triathlon wetsuit needs to provide is buoyancy in the right place and surfing and scuba suits can make the legs too buoyant, decreasing the efficiency of the kick strokes. The NRG has 5mm neoprene chest panels which not only provide core warmth but give extra buoyancy where it is needed, helping you to achieve the right position in the water for maximum stroke efficiency.

The other thing that Triathletes are looking for is a suit that allows the maximum range of movement through the shoulders with minimum resistance. Neosport has built-in design features to this sleeveless garment:

  • 3mm four-way stretch neoprene panels across the back of the shoulders
  • Generous arm openings enabling unrestricted movement in your arm strokes
  • The seal around the arm area is made of neoprene laminated with nylon and given a finishing trim of soft Lycra.
  • This provides a seal that is efficient at keeping water out of the suit without compromising comfort.

Leg kick efficiency is increased by the provision of mid-calf leg openings that also decrease drag in the water.

In competition, any legitimate advantage should be grabbed with both hands! NeoSport has been designing wetsuits for 45 years now and has made some great advances in technology. The lightweight neoprene they use in their Triathlon suit range is branded ‘Speed Skin’ and is designed to minimize surface resistance and drag in the water. That could make the vital difference between first and second place!


Gain An Advantage In The Transition From Swim To Bike!

A speedy transition from the swim to the bike phase is another way to gain vital seconds in competition.

The wider exit openings at the ankles diminish the possibility of catching your heels in the neoprene fabric that speeds up getting out of the suit.

The suit fastens with an EZ Out zipper that is designed to be secure while swimming but which is quick and easy to unzip when you need to could save you more precious time.

Sizing Options Available in the Neosport Triathlon Men’s Sleeveless

The suit needs to fit like a second skin and with seven sizing options (see chart below) you can get a great fit. The adjustable neck collar is a bonus. It is also designed to reduce the risk of chafing – as are the glued and sewn seams, vital when spending many hours in training as well as competition. This well-made wetsuit will not let you down and will last and last if you take reasonable care of it (a manufacturer’s one year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials comes with the NeoSport Triathlon Men’s Sleeveless Wetsuit.

Size Chest Size Waist Size Weight Height
S 36″ – 38″ 31″ – 33″ 135 – 150 lbs 5′ 8″
M 38″ – 40″ 33″ – 35″ 150 – 170 lbs 5′ 10″
L 40″- 42″ 35″ – 37″ 170 – 190 lbs 5′ 11″
XL 42″ – 44″ 37″ – 39″ 190 – 210 lbs 6′
XXL 44″ – 46″ 39″ – 41″ 210 – 230 lbs 6′ 1″
3XL 46″ – 48″ 41″ – 44″ 230 – 250 lbs 6′ 2″