O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor II 3/2mm Full Suit Review

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If you are looking for a full suit at a great price this O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor II 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit checks most of the boxes on your ‘wish list’. It has some great features normally found on more expensive models.

  • The shoulders and sleeves are made from a super stretch neoprene fabric that allows full, unrestricted upper body movement. All the Reactor series of wetsuits have this feature that O’Neill has branded ‘FluidFlex’. The ergonomically designed undersleeve panels are seamless, allowing you greater freedom of movement without chafing.
  • The smooth skin chest panel is a nice feature and the zipper is strong and sturdy as you would expect from O’Neill – this wetsuit features a full-length snag-free YKK back zipper.
  • The seams are durable, with smooth flatlock stitching. Flatlock construction with breathable overlocking flat-stitched seams is ideal for use in warmer conditions, is very durable and hard-wearing, and provides chafe-free comfort.
  • This suit has Krypto knee pads. These ergonomically shaped high stretch and abrasion-resistant neoprene panels protect your knees and protect the suit from damage too. The paddle zones are seamless ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
  • A single, super seal neck that is designed to avoid bulk in a fully adjustable closure with a smooth skin chafe-free finish all the way around the inside of the neck and edge. This neck styling effectively resists flushing.
  • There is a handy key pocket inside the garment.

All O’Neill suits are supplied with a 12-month warranty covering both materials and craftsmanship but your suit will give you several seasons of great service with a little care and maintenance – especially rinsing in freshwater immediately after each use and hanging to dry on an appropriate hanger.

This O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor suit will probably be one of the most comfortable, best fitting wetsuits you will ever own. Supple Neoprene with a 3/2 configuration for flexibility of arms and legs. Sort of like a second skin the O’Neill Reactor suit is amazingly easy to slip on without restrictions.

Not a very warm wetsuit but if you stay in waters about at least 60F you’ll be comfortable. Good for kayaking and surfing.

Choosing Your Wetsuit Size

When choosing an O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor, the height and chest measurements are the most important ones to pay attention to. The size guide (Men’s US) below should help you choose the perfect fit.

Size Height Weight Chest Waist Hips Neck
2XS 5′ 6″-5’8″ 115-130 lbs 32½”-34½” 27″-29″ 32″-34″ 14
XS 5’7&-5’9″ 125-140 lbs 34½”-35½” 28″-30″ 33″-35″ 14.5
S 5’8″-5’10” 135-155 lbs 36½”-38½” 29″-31″ 34″-36″ 15
ST 6’0″-6’2″ 145-165 lbs 36½”-38½” 29″-31″ 34″-36″ 15
MS 5’6½”-5’8½” 140-160 lbs 38½”-40½” 30½”-32½” 35½”-37½” 15.5
M 5’9″-5’11” 150-170 lbs 38½”-40½” 30½”-32½” 35½”-37½” 15.5
MT 6’1″-6’3″ 160-180 lbs 38½”-40½” 30½”-32½” 35½”-37½” 15.5
LS 5’7½”-5’9½” 160-180 lbs 40½”-42½” 32½”-34½” 37½”-39½” 16
L 5’8″-6’0″ 170-190 lbs 40½”-42½” 32½”-34½” 37½”-39½” 16
LT 6’2″-6’4″ 180-200 lbs 40½”-42½” 32½”-34½” 37½”-39½” 16
XLS 5’8.5-5’10½” 180-200 lbs 42½”-44½” 34½”-36½” 39½”-41½” 16.5
XL 5’11”-6’1″ 190-210 lbs 42½”-44½” 34½”-36½” 39½”-41½” 16.5
XLT 6’3½”-6’5½” 200-220 lbs 42½”-44½” 34½”-36½” 39½”-41½” 16.5
XXL 6’0″-6’2″ 210-230 lbs 44½”-46½” 36½”-38½” 41½”-43½” 17
3XL 6’0″-6’3″ 230-250 lbs 47″-49″ 41½”-43½” 44″-46″ 17.25

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O’Neill knows a thing or two about wetsuit design, having been in business since 1952. This model, the O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit gets great reviews for quality, features, and durability and the wide range of sizes ensures a great fit from an entry-level priced suit.