prescription snorkel mask

Top Reasons To Buy A Prescription Snorkel Mask

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If you can answer “yes” to either of the following questions, you need to read on to find out how a prescription snorkel mask could benefit you!

  1. Are you keen to try snorkeling or diving but concerned that poor eyesight will spoil your enjoyment of this fascinating and exhilarating pastime?
  2. Have you previously enjoyed diving and snorkeling but now find that due to deterioration of your eyesight, a standard mask is no longer sufficient?

Underwater, looking through a standard diving mask, everything looks 25% bigger and closer than on land. For glasses wearers with a prescription with a relatively small correction, a standard snorkel mask is often sufficient.

A prescription snorkel mask, whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, and even if you wear bifocals, will enhance your enjoyment of diving and snorkeling. There is a wide range of styles that are indistinguishable in appearance from ‘standard’ masks. With custom and ‘off-the-shelf’ options, there is sure to be a snorkel mask for glasses wearers that will suit your needs and your budget

Your Prescription Snorkel Mask Options Explained

Here are the options available to you in choosing your mask.

Bonded Lenses

These bonded lenses are prescription lenses with flat fronts that are glued to the inside of the glass in the mask plastic lenses can be used.

  • Suitable for any prescription, including bifocals and prisms.
  • You can choose a mask that you really like and are comfortable wearing before deciding to have this type of lens-fitted into it.


  • Only suitable for masks with flat faceplates.
  • Lenses are smaller than the glass of the mask and do not provide peripheral vision correction.


What to check:

If you have a strong prescription, avoid the need for a thick lens by requesting ‘hi-index’ glass.

Custom Prescription Lenses

Having custom prescription lenses in your snorkel mask is a step up on the bonded lens type as it gives better results, especially for those with a strong prescription.

  • The glass on each side of the mask is replaced with a custom ground prescription lens enabling you to see as well as you do on land!
  • It gives a perfect fit and the snorkel mask will weigh less than one fitted with bonded lenses.
  • High quality plastic lenses are available that are stronger and lighter than glass.


  • They are more expensive – that’s it!


Similar to bonded lenses – and like having glasses fitted at your Optician, custom prescription snorkel mask lenses need to fit the individual wearer’s eyes to get the superior results they offer.


These snorkel mask insert or drop-in lenses are a simple and inexpensive option that enables anyone to choose corrective lenses from a range at the dive store or online.

  • These are a less expensive option.
  • If you know your prescription, you can buy this type of prescription dive mask online.


  • Not suitable for those needing a very strong prescription.
  • It may not be a perfect match for your own prescription.
  • Not perfectly matched to your eyes in the way that bonded or custom prescription lenses are.


When ordering online, choose the nearest to your prescription, lenses are usually available in 1/4 diopter increments. Single vision lenses and Bifocal options are available.

If You Need Reading Glasses

The options above are generally only for those who need distance vision correction. For snorkeling, those who need only reading glasses are usually okay without any form of vision correction in their mask. However, for diving, where it is important to read gauges correctly, small reading lenses are available that can be glued on the inside of the dive mask glass at the bottom.

A Final Word

If you have the opportunity to try snorkeling on vacation, consider renting a prescription snorkel mask. This is a good option as it avoids the initial expense of purchase; snorkel rental equipment companies, and dive shops often offer this service.