Triathlon Accessories For The Swim Section

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Here are two different product areas where a small outlay can pay dividends in the swim section of a Triathlon competition, plus one accessory that will prove invaluable in training.

Triathlon Accessories For Ear Protection

Competitors can have a lot of problems caused by water entering their ears when swimming.

There are many different kinds of earplugs specifically sold as accessories for a triathlon competition and these vary from the ‘putty’ type to ergonomically designed silicone plugs attached to a lanyard to enable rapid removal before the next phase.

Preventing water from entering your ears can avoid infections, irritation, and the possibility of temporary partial hearing loss and that slightly ‘unbalanced’ feeling that occurs when water is trapped in your ear.

If wearing earplugs is a problem for you, a product called Earol® Swim with Tea Tree Oil could provide the answer. It is a clever little pump-action bottle, designed to deliver a measured dose of Olive and Tea Tree Oils into the outer ear. This provides a protective coating, keeping water out, and has natural properties that protect the delicate ear canal from any type of infection.

Accessories For Eye Protection

Whether you prefer a mask or goggles to protect your eyes while swimming, it is important to choose an anti-fogging lens that also provides UV protection.

    • For those who prefer a mask, we can recommend the Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0 for its effectiveness and comfort in use as it forms a watertight seal by means of a soft, silicone gasket that is hypo-allergenic and avoids the irritation some users have found with masks using plastic or rubber seals. It “checks all the boxes” for users who do not want to have the pressure of goggles around their eye sockets but want anti-fogging optical grade lenses and a secure and comfortable fit.
    • For those who prefer goggles, we recommend the TYR Velocity Racing Goggle which is also fitted with silicone gaskets that provide a comfortable, hypo-allergenic, and leak-proof fit and provides UV protection in the top quality, anti-fogging polycarbonate lenses. If you are considering making the change to goggles from a mask, this would be a good option and the low profile design, created for racing might just give you an edge!

A ‘Must Have’ Accessory For Training

anti-fogging optical grade lensesNone of the triathlon accessories we have mentioned so far will break the bank! If you want to analyze every aspect of your swimming performance in training and use the information to tailor your training program, you could afford to splash out a little and we think that the GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor is a great investment.

You can upload data from this watch strap monitor to your computer and maintain your training log with the monitor to help you keep track of your progress. It is a great Triathlon accessory for anyone to have. It has so many functions, can be integrated with other online sites, and is kept ‘current’ with downloadable updates as they become available, so it is probably the only swim training accessory you will need!